Our Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Key principles that guide the Foundation’s activities include the following:

  • Give priority to efforts focusing on the least advantaged
  • Operate in ways that are open and transparent
  • Be goal-oriented and research-based
  • Seek out or initiate high impact funding strategies, while continuing to be responsive to nonprofit and community needs
  • Be flexible, responsive and open
  • Take advantage of opportunities to make a difference
  • Leverage resources in the community
  • Promote collaboration and be collaborative
  • Exercise leadership in fostering collaboration, building nonprofit capacity, and developing new solutions to community challenges
  • Seek opportunities to partner with community leaders and other foundations to combine and focus funding for increased impact
  • Demonstrate respect for the nonprofit community
  • Seek to measure and evaluate grants in order to understand their impact and learn from efforts over time
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