Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of The Staten Island Foundation is to improve the quality of life on Staten Island, particularly for the least advantaged, with a focus on improving education, health, community services and the arts.

Strategies to accomplish the mission include financial support; providing leadership for the community; collaboration with grantees, funders, and other entities; and building the capacity of local organizations to better fulfill their missions.

Our Vision

A Staten Island that is a vibrant, diverse community of tolerant, civically engaged neighbors, where all residents – especially the least advantaged – have, and have access to, the resources necessary to maximize their potential and to enhance the quality of life on the Island.

Our Values

Inherent in the Foundation’s role to help improve the quality of life in Staten Island communities is the commitment to:

  • Act with integrity, and serve as leaders on Staten Island
  • Be an ethical, effective, accountable, approachable and transparent organization
  • Adhere to and model best practices in philanthropy, and exemplify the highest ethics and business practices
  • Promote equity, opportunity and civility on the Island
  • Add value through intelligence, insight, and boldness, taking measured risks and leadership on certain issues
  • Act with compassion and remain flexible and responsive in addressing emergencies and other critical needs
(Photo courtesy of College of Staten Island)