Our Approach to Relief and Recovery

Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery Efforts on Staten Island

Dear Friends of Staten Island,

The hearts and prayers of the board and staff of The Staten Island Foundation are with our Staten Island neighbors who have lost loved ones, lost homes and lost livelihoods in this hurricane disaster.  We know that many continue to be without power and heat and that many lost prized personal possessions when they sustained great damage to their homes.

We salute the extraordinary efforts of so many good Samaritans who have rushed to help and our nonprofit partners who are extending themselves and their services without hesitation.  We choose to focus on their goodness and the strength of the battered but determined survivors they are serving.

The Staten Island Foundation is committed to supporting Staten Island service providers and strengthening their capacity to meet the challenges of this disaster in the long term as you already face the challenges of the current economy.

Our conference room is available as a place to come together to discuss longer term emerging needs.  We have  created a resilience fund to benefit nonprofit capacity to meet ongoing disaster-related human need through accepting donations of a larger circle of citywide and national donors.  We will continue our giving in our established focus areas as our guidelines indicate.

We are hopeful too that we can support disaster preparedness planning and that lessons learned from this experience will make us stronger, more coordinated in our response and ready for whatever we may face going forward.  We look forward to being a strong supporter of the hope that we rebuild our physical structures, our human systems and our individual spirits to be a better community than ever.


Betsy Dubovsky
Executive Director

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