Community Recovery

Community Recovery Investments Guidelines

The Staten Island Foundation is focused on creating a vibrant, diverse community of tolerant, civically engaged neighbors where all residents, especially the least advantaged, have the resources necessary for a productive life.  Staten Island’s recovery and resilience after Superstorm Sandy is an area of deep concern.  We seek a community that offers strong supports to our neighbors most severly impacted and anticipate a better preparedness for future crises.  Please review the results we seek and examples of the investments we will make in the forseeable future for this priority focus area below to determine if your project aligns with The Staten Island Foundation’s guidelines. For further information about the Foundation’s response to Superstorm Sandy:

Results we seek in this priority focus area are:

  • Expansion of your organization’s services to address needs of Hurricane Sandy-impacted residents (eg., disaster case management, outreach to vulnerable populations, housing, health/medical services, mental health services, financial/other counseling).
  • Increases in the number of Superstorm Sandy-impacted residents served (eg., individuals, families).
  • Increases in the number of volunteers providing direct and/or indirect service (eg., outreach services, disaster recovery planning, pro-bono professional services).
  • Strengthening of your organizational capacity – personnel and infrastructure support – to provide new or sustain existing services and/or implement disaster preparedness (eg. secure new funds, hire additional staff, train existing staff).
  • Collaborations with another organization(s) after Hurricane Sandy (eg. To collect data, set shared “collective impact” goals, coordinate inter-agency service provision).

We make the following types of investments in this focus area:

 Direct Service:

The Staten Island Foundation invests in programs and projects that are focused on improving the lives of those being served. Examples of direct service investments in this area include but are not limited to community service projects, foreclosure prevention programs, food distribution programs, food pantries, housing and shelter programs, legal services, immigration services, community development projects, youth or senior services, volunteer programs of all types,  and expansion of existing social service, health or mental health programs. These one year grants will typically range from $5,000 to $50,000 with larger grants dependent on availability of funds.

Capacity Building:

At times, we believe that making an investment to support the organizations we fund so they can achieve and sustain stronger results for those they serve, is the best investment we can make. Examples of Capacity building investments in this area include but are not limited to – training and professional development in best practices or technical assistance that helps staff deliver services more efficiently and effectively, projects focused on disaster preparedness planning, development of new programming to address local needs, community planning or preparedness efforts, and civic engagement projects. These one year grants will typically range from $5,000 to $50,000 with larger grants dependent on availability of funds.