Grant Portal

Grant Portal

The following link will take you to the Grant PortalLog in to your account

 Once you log-on, you will be on the Applicant Dashboard page. Here you will able to do the following:

    • Continue on to a saved application or a report already started
    • Submit a Progress Report or a Final Report
    • View your history of previously submitted applications and reports

Please note: the Foundation does not keep a record of your password. If you don’t remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link after you enter your email address and follow the instructions to reset your password.

To submit a Progress Report or Final Report:

Once you log-on to your account, you will be on the Applicant Dashboard page. Here you will see organization information and prior grant history. Scroll down to the section called Follow Up Forms. You will see an Edit link next to the report that is currently due. Click on Edit and you will be in the report form.

The report form will pre-populate with information that was provided in the application. Please complete all the required sections and submit.
Submission of timely reports is required for future grant consideration.

If you need any assistance or clarification, please contact:

Marie Payne
(718) 697-2831